Novo Futuro Village, Kaxinawá Indigenous Land of Humaitá river

Water Project – Novo Futuro II

In the “Water Project,” APOTI drilled an artesian well in a new neighborhood (Nova Aldeia) in the Novo Futuro village, Kaxinawá Indigenous Land on the Humaitá River, where resides houses, a diet center and the new area for the Eskawatã Kawayai Festival. Once completed, the well was 22 meters deep, equipped with an industrial filter, 5,000 liters of storage in a water tank and pumping by a solar pump, with 560W of power in panels.

This project made it possible to improve the quality of life of people who have a difficult reality, where they have to endure the strong heat, the massive presence of insects, the lack of dietary diversity, among others.