Kaxinawá Indigenous Land of the Humaitá river

Water Project – Novo Futuro and Boa Sorte

Health is the main and most basic need in life. This project made it possible to improve the quality of life of people who have a difficult reality, where they have to endure the strong heat, the massive presence of insects, the lack of dietary diversity, among others. According to studies, the presence of drinking water in communities like this reduces child mortality by 50%, which is still very significant among Brazilian indigenous peoples. Furthermore, it inhibits a large number of diseases and infections, worms, among others.

The “WATER Project” aimed to drill two artesian wells in the Kaxinawá Indigenous Land of the Humaitá River. The villages chosen by the communities to install the wells were Novo Futuro and Boa Sorte. Once completed, the well at Aldeia Novo Futuro was 33 meters deep, equipped with an industrial filter, 9,000 liters of storage in water tanks and pumped by a single-phase pump powered by a generator. The well at Aldeia Boa Sorte was 23 meters deep, equipped with the same structures and equipment.

An important item is the industrial filter, which is responsible for removing impurities and offering quality water. The clean water obtained through the wells is being stored in large reservoirs (three 3,000-liter water tanks in each village), from where it is distributed to the entire community.