Kaxinawá Indigenous Land of the Jordão river

Solar Energy – Boa Vista and Bari

APOTI implemented a Solar Energy project in the Boa Vista indigenous village that covered 100% of the homes in this community. This project expanded on the basic installation made the previous year by video game development project Huni Kuin: Yube Baitana, which was structured in the village school, outside the central circle. Four large new solar panels, eight new batteries complemented the three flexible panels and smaller batteries already there. The local leaders managed the construction of a new wooden house for the culture point where the main system was installed. APOTI replaced all the wiring and light bubls and took the material that was replaced to the Bari village. The Boa Vista village was left with an entirely new, reliable system, well sized in terms of capacity and energy consumption and with good durability.

The Bari village had no source of energy. APOTI initiated a basic solar energy system where two panels and four large batteries were installed. Some houses were lit, as well as a small culture point installed to recharge electronic equipment.