Kaxinawá Indigenous Lands of Jordão River and Lower Jordão River

Solar Energy – Morada Nova, Nova Extrema and Sacado

APOTI carried out a solar energy installation and maintenance project in the Kaxinawá Indigenous Land of Rio Baixo Rio Jordão and Rio Jordão, covering five villages: Nova Extrema, Morada Nova, Astro Luminoso, Sacado and Coração da Floresta.

One of the objectives of this project was to provide three more villages in the Jordan River region with solar energy, thus seeking equality, sharing of benefits and expanding the number of families affected by the project. This included the review, maintenance and expansion of electrical installations in the Astro Luminoso and Coração da Floresta villages and the creation of new installations in the Nova Extrema, Morada Nova and Sacado villages, which did not have an energy source.