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Our Team

Our team is made up of anthropologists, communicators and indigenists, all with extensive experience working with indigenous and traditional populations.

We seek to place these populations at the forefront of our projects, creating a close dialogue between traditional knowledge with new technologies.

Executive Officer

Guilherme Meneses

Guilherme holds a PhD and a Master’s degree in Social Anthropology (USP), a Bachelor in Social Sciences (USP) and a Bachelor in Business Administration (FGV). At the USP, he is a researcher at CEstA, LabNAU and LAPOD. His doctoral thesis deals with the recent movement of nixi pae (ayahuasca) rituals inside and outside Huni Kuin villages. Between 2012 and 2023, he was the coordinator of the creation of the videogames Huni Kuin: Yube Baitana and Huni Kuin: Beya Xinã Bena. Guilherme is currently the Executive Officer and legal representative of APOTI of Associação Povos da Terra – APOTI, where he coordinated more than 20 projects in the areas of solar energy and drinking water.


Second Secretary

Nadja Marin

Nadja Marin is an Anthropologist and Filmmaker with a specialization in ethnographic documentaries (Master of Arts) from the University of Manchester and a PhD in Social Anthropology (FFLCH-USP). Creator of the production company Etnolhar, which focuses on socio-environmental video documentaries and audiovisual workshops with indigenous communities. She is a member of the Visual Anthropology Group (GRAVI) at the Laboratory of Image and Sound in Anthropology (LISA-USP) and a collaborator and co-developer of the video game Huni Kuin: Yube Baitana.

Advisory Board Member

Marcos Vinicius Romão

Born in São Paulo, lover of nature and native cultures. From 2013 to 2020 he lived in Tarauacá, Acre, participating in the organization of the Huni Kuin Eskawatã Kayawai indigenous festival, together with the indigenous people of the Novo Futuro village, T. I. Kaxinawá do Rio Humaitá. Since then, he has been developing and implementing infrastructure projects in the villages. He is co-founder of APOTI. Vinícius currently works in partnership with international NGOs in strengthening actions to improve indigenous territories. He organizes cultural meetings in Brazil and abroad for cultural exchanges with indigenous leaders.

Advisory Board Member

Alice Haibara

Alice is an anthropologist and artist. She holds a Masters in Anthropology and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Sciences from the Universidade de São Paulo and is a researcher in ethnology area linked to the CEstA-USP (Center of Amerindian Studies). In 2016 she finished her Master’s research on Kaxinawá (Huni Kuin) traditional knowledge and chants. As an undergraduate, she conducted research in the field of Anthropology of the Child, accompanying the learning processes among the Guarani Mbya. Alice was also part of the production team of the Brazilian Ministry of Culture’s Indigenous Cultures Award. As an artist, her work is focused on painting with natural pigments and indigenous art.

Advisory Board Member

Alvaro Russo

Álvaro is an anthropologist and consultant in solar energy. Master in Social Anthropology and Bachelor in Social Sciences from USP. He developed a master's thesis on rituals that dialogue with Afro-Brazilian and ayahuasca practices and knowledge. He conducted research on material and immaterial cultural heritage with traditional populations in the middle and upper Tapajós region, in Pará, and quilombola populations in northern Goiás at Raoni Institute. He worked as coordinator of programs to mitigate socio-environmental impacts with the Guarani people, in northern Paraná, and Araweté, Asurini and Parakanã peoples in the Xingu river basin, in western Pará.

Advisory Board Member

Mariana Maia

Raised in a family of indigenist activists, Mariana has dedicated her life to building bridges between the indigenous and non-indigenous world. With a degree in Cultural Production from UFF-RJ and 20 years in cultural project management, she is a communicator and consultant leading innovative programs in collaboration with indigenous organizations, international NGOs and the private sector. Through her work, she celebrates the intersections of traditional and contemporary arts, culture, and identity, aiming to amplify the wisdom of indigenous elders with the voices of a new generation of indigenous leaders.

Advisory Board Member

Natasha D'Souza

Natasha has extensive experience in public relations and event management in the field of technology, energy, sustainability, law and healthcare. She assists with APOTI’s international relations and marketing. Natasha lived abroad in the Middle East and United States until she came to Brazil to meet the Huni Kuin people in Acre. She holds a BSc. in Biochemistry from the University of Nebraska, Lincoln, United States and Yoga Theory certification from KaivalyaDhama, Lonavala, India.    

Effective Associate

Romina Lindemann

Romina is an economist, cultural producer and social entrepreneur who works for Amazônia Viva, in harmony with indigenous peoples. With a postgraduate degree in Integral Sustainability from Instituto Visão Futuro and marketing from FGV. She led groups to the Huni Kuin and Yawanawa villages in Acre, collaborating in the production of several festivals in the Amazon and abroad. In addition, she works as a translator and accompanies indigenous leaders on international trips. Together with the women of the Yawanawa People, she participated in actions aimed at female empowerment through the partnership with the FARM brand, and with the Huni Kuin People she collaborates with the artist Yaka Huni Kuin and started working with Ainbu Daya Association.


Associates and collaborators

Abel Sales Kaxinawá (Huni Kuin)
Adelino Macário Kaxinawá (Huni Kuin)
Adriano Varlotta - Webdesigner
André Sales Kaxinawá (Huni Kuin)
Carlos Fernandes Guarani (Guarani Mbya)
Carlos Henrique Nascimento
Carlos Mateus Kaxinawá (Huni Kuin)
Cristine Matias de Lima (Maxakali)
Elsje Maria Lagrou
Estevão Trabbold
Francisco Nivaldo Joaquim Sereno (Huni Kuin)
Jesuíno Paulino Kaxinawá (Huni Kuin)
Jesus Melo Kaxinawá (Huni Kuin)
João Paulo Lima Barreto (Tukano)
José Idel Sales Kaxinawá (Huni Kuin)
José Paixão Sales Macário Kaxinawá (Huni Kuin)
Luiza Vasconcelos Jardim
Manoel Vandique Kaxinawá (Huni Kuin)
Mara Vanessa Sales Kaxinawá (Huni Kuin)
Marco Antonio Valentim
Maria Dalva Manduca Mateus Kaxinawá (Huni Kuin)
Menegildo Paulino Kaxinawá (Huni Kuin)
Nelly Barbosa Duarte Dollis (Marubo)
Osvaldo Manduca Mateus Kaxinawá (Huni Kuin)
Sandra Benites (Guarani Nhandeva)
Vinícius De Danielli Renzulli