Novo Futuro Village, Kaxinawá Indigenous Land of the Humaitá river

Internet via Satellite

APOTI installed internet communication in Aldeia Novo Futuro through a satellite signal. Before the installation, the Novo Futuro village had no other means of communication, whether via radio, telephone or internet. The village is about a five-day boat ride from the nearest city, Tarauacá, which made it impossible to deal with medical emergencies (e.g. assistance in case of snake bites and other illnesses that require Western medicines and treatments). Communication between relatives, leaders and their travel partners and projects was challenging, and it was difficult to announce artistic and cultural activities carried out in the village.

Communication became a greater need during the pandemic, when villages were completely isolated. They were unable to report cases of illness, or hear of workshops and courses taught by indigenous leaders.

The Novo Futuro village also has a special concern with land inspection, as it is the last village in the Kaxinawá Indigenous Land of the Humaitá River, closest to the river’s headwaters. The village and its surroundings suffered from the illegal actions of loggers and non-indigenous hunters, as well as attacks and robberies from isolated indigenous peoples. With the internet signal, it will be possible to communicate with government bodies, such as the National Indian Foundation (FUNAI) and representative institutions, such as the Federation of the Huni Kuin People of the State of Acre (FEPHAC) to communicate these attacks and invasions.

The internet communication in the village is adapted for community use and aims for democratic use and for priority purposes, as indicated by local leaders. The contracted company, ComTxae, offers a “smart wi-fi” service, in which there is a a system of codes to control the use so as to not generate conflicts in the community. For example, time control so as not to negatively affect the village’s daily activities as well as exceed the limit, and blocking of pornographic websites and content.

The signal is provided via satellite, with a 100 GB allowance, 20 MB download speed and 3 MB upload speed.